Balls of Fury and Ping Pong

Hey guys,

I just remembered, after writing up my previous post; Ping Pong Review that last year Hollywood released the movie Balls of Fury. I haven’t had the chance of watching it yet, but i understand that it is also a comedy based on table tennis. I am hoping I can get a chance to watch it soon, just to compare it with the Japanese movie Ping Pong. I’m kinda expecting a Dodgeball-ish kind of structure to it (you know, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story that movie with Vince Vaughn about a bunch of guys get together to play dodge ball in order to save their gym).

I was wondering, if you have seen Balls of Fury, if you could let me know what it is like. And also, if you have seen both Ping Pong and Balls of Fury, if you could tell me you could give me your opinions on if and how they might compare.

Hoping to hear from you guys!


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