Ping Pong Review

March 31, 2008

Ping Pong (2002)
Ping Pong, a drama with some comic elements, follows two high school friends and their “passion” for the game Ping Pong. Peco is an arrogant player, determined to become a professional, while Smile, an almost complete opposite character, is frustrated that others see ping pong as more than a game. Although Peco taught Smile the game of Ping Pong, we see the tables turn as Smile surpasses Peco in talent. With competitions around the corner, will Peco be able to fulfill his dream?

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Our School Review

March 30, 2008

Our School (2006)
Our School (2006) is a Korean documentary, by filmmaker Kim Myung Joon, about the life of third generation Koreans in Japan and the struggles the students of a high school go through to
gain cultural identity in a foreign land.

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Asian Movie Reviews Introduction

March 29, 2008

Hello, my name is Sam, and I’d like to welcome you to Asian Movie Reviews; my personal views on some of the finest Asian Cinema! Read the rest of this entry »