Busan (City of Fathers) Review

February 14, 2010

An action drama by Park Ji-won-I about a gambling street thug, Kang-su, who is always on the run from loan sharks. But when his young son Jong-chul is diagnosed with kidney cancer, he tries to be a real parent for the first time and seeks out Jong-chul’s biological father, Tae-suk. Tae-suk, however, refuses to help. What will become of Jong-chul?

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Miracle of a Giving Fool (Ba:Bo) Review

May 5, 2009


A simple, moving film about the effect a young man, with the mind of a six year old, has on a number of people around him.  Based on the web-comic of the same name by Kang Pool (Kang Do-Young) and Directed by Kim Jeong-Kwon, this heart-warming, 2008 South Korean comedy-drama is sure to bring some tears to your eyes as well as a smile to your face. Seung-Ryong is a very simple man who focuses on the two most important things in his life: his little sister and his first love. However when those close to him begin to face hardships, it seems that Seung-Ryong may be the only one to set things right.

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The Great Happiness Space – Tale of an Osaka Love Thief Review

December 31, 2008



Simply put, the job of a host is to sell dreams.The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief is a 2006 documentary directed and produced by Jake Clennell, depicting the lives of individuals associated with, what is known in Japan as, host clubs.  What exactly is a host club?  This documentary will provide understanding through first hand encounters with the clubs as well as the people who frequent there. A tag line for the documentary: a cold-eyed study of love for sale.

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Addition of Voting Polls to the Site

June 8, 2008

Hey Guys,

Been a while, apologies for the lack of updates, hopefully by the next couple of weeks I’ll get some reviews up. I decided to add some polls to the site, for fun as well as to get you guys to share your opinions with each other.
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Check It Out Yo!! Review

May 3, 2008



“Check it Out, Yo!” a Japanese teen comedy about three high school friends, Tetsuo, Tamashiro and Akira, who are inspired to form a hip-hop group by a concert, who thanks to their Tom-Boy friend, Yui, they recently attended. But with only two weeks till their gig, will they be able to make their dreams a reality?

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